How to wear your Favorite Jeans without the Muffin Top Effect

Published: 23rd November 2009
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Low rise jeans can be very horny and figure flattering. The problem with low cut denim is trying to avoid the dreaded muffin top effect. Muffin Top is a slang term refers to somebody whose fat belly spills over the waist of their jeans. In appearance, it can resemble the top of a muffin spilling over it's paper casing. Let's be honest, we all have some belly fat. But there are ways you can wear low rise jeans and not have your waist fat hanging out. Here are some pointers on how to wear girls's low rise jeans without your fat spilling out

Buy Jeans that Fit

This is the main reason for a muffin top. However , it is more about bad fit then it is about fat. If yousqueeze yourself into a pair of ill fitting jeans, it will only pinch the skin and intensify the problem even more. The neatest thing to do is look for a pair of low rise jeans or pants that are one size bigger than what you normally wear. Find a pair that has some stretch in the fabric and that aren't too tight round the waistband.

Accessorize-Wear a Belt

When you find pair of hip huggers that are the right size, they sometimes will not create a muffin top, but they may slip down. This produces the awful term "plumber's crack" where half your bum is peeking out of your pants. To prevent this mishap, invest in a trendy belt. This not only looks brilliant with low riders, it will keep your bigger than normal jeans in control if they should become too loose.

Style- Pick Carefully

Moderation is the key when it comes to wearing low cut denim. Extremely low rises can show off way too much and look unbecoming. Pick a rise that is tolerably low and you can still look attractive. The rise on pair of jeans is decided by the gap between the crotch, up the zipper to the button at the waist. You would like your pants to sit nicely on your hips and sit low on your waist, so pick a pair that go no lower than three inches below your belly button.

Wear acceptable Shirt

Low rise jeans look the best when worn with a longer top. A shirt should ideally hit at mid-hip level. You can test this out by raising your arms up. If you see your belly, then it's too short. Tops that look good with lhip hugger jeans are empire waist shirts and anything that is flowy.

Wearing low rise jeans is a fragile balance. The thing to remember is they can be very fashionable when worn right. When you find the right size and rise, pick out a great belt and wear the right shirt, you too can look great in these babies, regardless of what your age!

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